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HTML coding - Web Design - Startups



Company "Proshin&Co".
Law firm, provides legal services both to legal and natural persons.


Company "Wind".
Construction company. Engaged in construction and repair of varying degrees of difficulty.

Convert HTML to WP

Projects in work.

Website Builder-Tilda

Projects in work.


Company "Save Beautiful".
Beauty salon. Provides cosmetic services.



  • HTML,  CSS,  Sass/SCSS,  JS,  Bootstrap,  Git,  Github

  • Gulp,  JS,  Nodejs,  PHP:

Site Builders, CMS:

  • Website Builders:
    Bitrix24, Tilda

  • WordPress

  • Drupal


  • Figma,  Adobe Photoshop,   Adobe XD

  • Sketch

CRM,  Hosting,  Admin:

  • CRM:
    Bitrix24,  AmoCRM

  • Hosting sites

  • Remote site admin

Video, Animation:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro,  Camtasia Studio

  • Adobe After Effect,  Google Web Designer

Social Network:

  • Widgets with Facebook and Instagram integration

  • Widgets with Viber integration

  • Widgets with Telegram integration


I can offer you the following service for your sites


I am able to prepare HTML/CSS/JS code and adapting its for different screen sizes and devices.

Graphic Design

I can develop a graphical design layout for your site.

host your site

I am able to prepare the files of your site and place your site on remote hosting.

texts pictures video

I can prepare the text, process the pictures. Select, prepare and edit video for your site.


I can convert HTML/CSS/JS code to a Wordpress Theme.

Website Builder

I am able to make site on the Website Builders such as Tilda and Bitrix24.

integration CRM

Integration and customization with CRM-systems Bitrix24 end AmoCRM.

Site for turnkey

I’m also designing projects from start to finish (for turnkey).
Design - HTML - Hosting


Hi Everyone,

I’m a website developer.

I am committed, focused and prioritize on achieving your business goals. In a previous life, I was a salesman, a marketer, a financial and operating director, an entrepreneur. So I have a unique point of view on website creation that other developers do not possess.

You can see my skills in the "Skills" section above.

I can offer you the following service for your sites:
 prepare a design layout;
 prepare texts, pictures, mount video;
 prepare HTML/CSS/JS code ;
 adapting for different screen sizes and devices;
 hosting on servers in the Internet;
 convert HTML/CSS/JS to a Wordpress Theme;
 make site on the Tilda and Bitrix24 constructor;
 integrate your site and CRM Bitrix24 ...

✓✓ I’m also designing projects for turnkey, from start to finish.

I’m always striving to improve and grow my skills to become a complete front-end and back-end developer.

With respect,


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